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GHS Services

We offer updates and revisions of your SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) and labels. Each country adopted its own version of the UN's Globally Harmonized System (GHS). In the United States, it's called HAZCOM 2012 or HCS 2012. In Canada, it is called WHMIS 2015. Most countries across the world have adopted their own version of GHS. Contact us to learn how to become GHS-compliant worldwide!

SDS Services

KMK Regulatory Services creates, converts, translates and manages Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for chemical companies all over the world! 

Our documents are available in over 45 languages, based on the country you ship your products to.

Leave the hard part to us!


Experts in Regulatory Services

Owner and Chief Scientific Officer at KMK Luc Séguin, PhD Chemist, and his team are experts in the latest local and global regulation laws including, but not limited to, Chemistry, Industrial hygiene, Toxicology, Logistics and Transport.

Chemical compliance can be very complex and require a level of regulatory and document management expertise that many organizations can no longer afford to support internally.
Focus on new product development and leave the burden of making sure your documents are compliant to us!

Proud to be a company that offers you international regulatory coverage!

The rules have changed, and are constantly evolving. Can your company cope with local, federal and international GHS updates? Making and keeping you in compliance with the GHS and its related laws and regulations is what we do!

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Bron Aerotech

Customer testimonials


The team at KMK has been an invaluable partner for our compliance needs over the years.  The level of service and attention to detail always impress, and we’re secure in the knowledge that any questions or requests will be handled quickly and professionally.  I highly recommend KMK to help navigate the complex regulatory environment.

Tom Savage

TCI Products, Inc.


EcoSynthetix Inc. has used KMK SDS authoring services since 2017. KMK has developed and optimized an effective SDS authoring workflow that results in high rates of on-time and on-budget completion for our projects. They are always willing to answer our questions about the rapidly evolving global regulations applicable to our SDSs. They are responsive and reliable when it comes to rush mandates. We are pleased to have KMK, a fellow Canadian SME, among our service suppliers.

Sabina Di Risio, PhD

EcoSynthetix Ltd


KMK Regulatory Services has been a dependable supplier to REM Surface Engineering for many years. REM relies upon KMK to assist with our SDS generation across the wide range of countries in which we do business. KMK’s expertise and reliability are key factors in why REM selected KMK to assist in our chemical and SDS generation.

Justin Michaud

REM Surface Engineering