About us

KMK Regulatory Services provides expert regulatory and SDS authoring services for manufacturers, blenders and distributors of chemicals. We have served thousands of customers worldwide for over 20 years.


Dr. Luc Seguin,KMK’s President, owner and Chief Scientific Officeris a highly qualified and respected expert in the field of chemical compliance. He was President of the Québec professional Corporation of Chemists for ten years.  During his 30 year career, “Dr. Luc” as he is best-known, also used his expertise to architect one of the world’s leading software platforms that allows leading chemical companies to create and manage their own safety data sheets (SDSs).

KMK's Expert Services Include


Regulatory Consulting Services related to national and international regulations and standards, including CLP, REACH and GHS


Classification of substances and/or products to determine the need for labelling and other documentation required


Services for the labeling of consumer products, industrial labels (GHS), transportation, shipping, and storage


Safety Data Sheet creation, conversion, management and translation


Hazardous Assessments by substance against the GHS country specific version


Translations of safety data sheets into country-specific languages where you ship your products


GHS Compliance, transition plans and conversion of safety data sheets and hazard symbols to the GHS revision within each country


Gap Analysis, the analysis of specific differences in GHS: identification of the specificities of the GHS and other related regulations in their country of adoption


Transport classifications including proper shipping names, UN designations, specific hazard symbols, and transportation exemptions in each of the countries you ship your products

We give you access to our worldwide network of experts including professionals with specific knowledge in the following areas

  • Compliance issues pertaining to the latest local, federal and global chemical legislations and regulations (HAZCOM 2012, CLP/REACH, WHMIS 2015

  • Chemical related information such as Chemistry, Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology

  • Logistic information related to the export of chemical products, including transportation by road, air and maritime

  • Translation of chemical related information in country specific languages